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Our purpose is simply to help businesses achieve more. We focus on you, the client. With offices located across Hawkes Bay and Whanganui-Manawatu Regions, we are more than just an IT company, from managed IT services to cutting edge technology we offer a variety of business solutions and strategies from a technology perspective to solve the biggest problems amongst New Zealand businesses today. 

The conversations are about you, your pain points, where you are going and how we can work with you to improve your business. We have an endless pursuit of excellence in service standards. This means being innovative, personable, helpful and upbeat. Relationships are extremely important to us, we genuinely care about our clients and their businesses. Yorb aims to help businesses see technology as an enabler to solve problems, create value and provide market advantage for our clients. Our emphasis on providing unique technology solutions is reflected in our tagline, “Business defined technology”. 


client journey


Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga Gears up for Growth with YORB, Microsoft Azure and Office 365

The Hawke's Bay-based organisation is both a political-leadership entity for its region, and a provider of high quality health, social and education services to more than 12,000 people. Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga “were looking for someone who could support us to be scalable; who would have the knowledge and be a good fit for us; who we could have an awesome working relationship with, and who would understand our cultural needs as well as our organisational needs.”

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