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    Microsoft Service Outage

    On the 16th of March, Microsoft suffered an outage of their Identity Management platform (Azure Active Directory). This service is used to authenticate almost all Microsoft services, including Office 365. This has a massive impact on not only our business, but also that of our clients.  Read Article >

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    Privacy Act 2020 | What's changed?

    On December 1st, the new Privacy Act came into force. While much of the Act remained unchanged, there are several additions to bring it up to date with the modern digital world. Read Article >

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    Recovery to Reality: Part 1 Secure your clients

    Having navigated through the first stage of the pandemic into a recovery phase, we’ve started wondering what the new reality will be, how will it affect our business while thinking about ways technology can minimise the impact and/or open up new opportunities.   Read Article >

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    A New Normal

    Packing up an entire business and expecting people to work from home is not simply a matter of taking home your computer and making sure it connects to the Internet.  A key principle at Yorb is  People , Process & Technology, supporting our team, finding new ways to communicate and keeping the personal relationships with our staff and clients healthy has been critical.  Here  is a small peek at what we’ve been doing to keep sane and carry on.    Read Article >