Securing your businesses technology

Cyber threats are not new, but they are becoming more frequent. With so much of our business in the cloud, geographic boundaries are no longer a barrier for cybercriminals. We need to raise the cybersecurity conversation, not just with our users and IT support teams, but with Executives and Boards.

To feel confident in today’s threat landscape, you need a multi-faceted approach. With our approach to Cyber Security we give businesses confidence to use their technology securely through security frameworks, training and awareness, data protection and more. Only by increasing security awareness across the entire business can we adequately address the risks.

Our Approach

Security is not something that can be achieved in isolation using larger locks (anti-virus and firewalls). At Yorb we view security from a holistic company wide perspective. We not only focus on your technology, but we look at your processes and educate your team to identify security threats. It is important to understand that no one element provides a complete security blanket. The entire business needs to be brought into the conversation.

reported incidents in New Zealand contained indicators that were linked to overseas state sponsored actors.


People are your first and last line of defence. All the security technologies and processes in the world can be brought down by a single well-meaning employee or careless moment.

Our Services

Security Training and Awareness

Your staff need to understand the risks faced by individuals and businesses in the connected world.

  • How do you spot a cyber attack?
  • What information is it safe to share online?
  • What do should you do if you believe you may have been targeted?

We provide tools and resources to help ensure security is kept front of mind. Your staff will be trained to identify security threats and take the appropriate action.


Our Security Audit provides an extensive and in-depth review of your businesses systems and processes. It is designed to provide measures against industry standards and identify gaps where standards are not being met. Whether it is a critical web base system that needs penetration testing, or securing your wireless network, our team of Security specialists will provide analysis and fixes to any vulnerabilities identified.


Our Security Assessment is designed for business and organisations to gain an understanding of their risk profile. Our team will look at 3 key focus areas of technology, processes and people to identify potential weaknesses and risks that exist. Based on their findings, our Security Specialist team will create an action plan with recommendations to reduce identified risk and strengthen your businesses overall security rating.

Policy Management

We can assist you with defining and refining your policies based on the level of risk and how you manage your people and technology. Emerging technologies such as the cloud, social networks, mobile devices and AI changes the way you do business. We work with you to ensure your b We’ll look at some of the following:

  • What rights do staff have to sign-up for and use cloud-based systems?
  • Where can users store sensitive information?
  • Are they allowed to work from home?
  • What does an acceptable password look like?

Strategy and Business Continuity

Unexpected loss of staff, natural disasters, fire, theft and sudden market disruption are all factors that need to be considered when formulating a continuity plan. We will work with you to develop strategies and processes that will allow your business to best cope with disruption of any kind. Your plan will allow your business to respond and continue to function as normally as possible.


If all else fails, have a reliable backup. We will ensure that your data and critical information is backed up and secure in the event of an unexpected disaster. We’ll ensure your backed up daily, (or multiple times day), and test your backups.

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