5 ways to improve your business productivity with Microsoft Teams

There is more emphasis on today’s business environment to provide a flexible and versatile work-life balance that meets the needs of the workforce. Whether you are exploring into home-based or remote working solutions, or simply looking for a better way to enhance and manage internal or external collaborations, it is important to have the right business tools that enable your team to work efficiently while saving time, money, and resources. In this article, we will share with you 4 reasons why we believe Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork and productivity.

1) Flexibility: Operate anywhere, anytime with multi-device capabilities

You no longer have to be stuck at a desk in the office to access your colleagues or clients. Microsoft Teams can now be accessed through any device of your choosing with the Microsoft Teams App:

Whether you are working in a remote location, or if you are out and about, the Teams app allows you to connect with your colleagues instantly at your fingertips.

2) Calling made simple with Voice integration

Modernize your phone system with Teams Voice integration, it allows you to make phone calls your colleagues, clients or customers directly from your device. This is a handy tool if your role requires you to relocate often or if your have a domestic business meeting, or if you have team members working remotely. There are also options available to call worldwide.

3) Meetings and video conferences with video chat

Connect and communicate with the people inside and outside your organisation with Teams meetings. The video calling feature allows you to host meetings with your colleagues, reference across your team’s calendar to schedule meetings, and you can adjust the in-call background settings to create a virtual ambience suitable to your audience. With Team Meetings you can create a conference meeting with multiple recipients by sending a link via outlook. Your meeting will synchronize on both your Outlook calendar and Microsoft Teams calendar for you to view and adjust either of these platforms.

4) Collaboration, task, and project management

Collaborate with people inside and outside of your organisation with Teams Chat feature. You can host a group chat either one-on-one or include up to 250 participants in one group (useful for organisations with a large staff capacity, or for widespread or interdepartmental collaborations). Group chats also come with the option of creating, sharing, and editing files in real time with other people.

Another great feature in the Teams app is that you can integrate across other Microsoft apps such Planner, OneNote, Word, and flow automation to manage your task or projects.

If you are looking to improve your business productivity or thinking about moving to home-base-employment, Microsoft 365 Teams could be the best solution for your business. Unlock your Teams full capability. With access to everything all in one place, it has never been easier to achieve productivity in the workplace. There are many more features available in Teams that are designed to achieve different tasks within your organisation.

If you are interested in learning more about the Teams capabilities, features and team collaboration competences, have a chat with our Team to discuss your business needs and discuss ways to improve on your business productivity.