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What is SSL and why it matters for your business?

Have you ever noticed padlock in the URL search panel? If so, then it is likely you have visited a website that is secure and safe to browse. That is because the website invested in extra armour, so that you can enjoy a safe online experience. Another way to identify whether a website is secure, is to look at the beginning of the URL. Some URLs start with http://, while others begin with https://. The “s” at the end is one of the indicators that website is secured with a “Secure Socket Layer' (SSL) certificate. Every website should be secured to ensure customers have a safe and secure online experience. 

Here are 5 benefits to having an SSL certificate for your website

1. Improves site security

Protecting your visitor’s data should be your top priority. Having an SSL certificate ensures any sensitive data transmitted between your website and client’s device is encrypted. Login information, personal details, addresses, passwords, and credit card information is just some of the data that an SSL certificate will protect from being compromised and stops scammers and hackers from exploiting this data. 

2. Improves website credibility

Another benefit of an SSL certificate is that it improves your online credibility. Depending on which certificate is purchased, your browser may display a lock icon, thumbs up icon, a green browser bar, or symbol reassuring that security is in place. To receive this, your website goes through a verification process. Think of it as a verified Instagram account. When an Instagram account is processed and approved, your Instagram account gets a Blue Tick badge of authenticitywhich lets the audience know that you are the real deal. Such verification measures are put in place to ensure imposters cannot create a fake Instagram account pretending to be you. The same process occurs when you have an SSL certificate processed for your website.

3. Improves your SEO Ranking

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content, so that a search engine can filter your website as “relevant” or “highly recommended” when online users search certain keywords.  In line with Google’s “HTTPS everywhere” initiative, websites with an SSL certificate enjoy improved web page ranking. In addition, according to the Google Webmaster Central Blog, secure websites get an SEO boost, giving you an edge over the competition. If you are not seeing enough results from your SEO efforts, perhaps consider getting an SSL certificate to boost your ranking. If you need support with your SEO rankings, Yorb has specialists that can assist you. 

4. Provides security for online payments

In the initial stages of the Covid-19 outbreak, New Zealand’s online shopping behaviour had dramatically increased to a whopping “189 per cent up year on year as of 15 April” according to Covid-19 commerce Insights (source: It came as no surprise that online scamming and phishing (e-mail scams) also increased during the quarantine. Websites left unchecked and unsecured run the risk of compromising the customer’s personal details, such as credit card details, or e-mail address etc. and can cause serious damage to your business. 

5. SSL Improves Customer Trust

Apart from encryption and authentication, SSL certificates are vital from a customer trust point of view. Several years ago, Google flagged all websites without an SSL certificate as “unsafe”. This means that, to remain in the good books of Google and your human visitors, installing an SSL certificate on your website is a must. Displaying an icon that promise a safe browsing experience provides assurance that the customer can trust your business website. Depending on which certificate is purchased, your browser may display a lock icon, a thumbs up icon, a green browser bar, or a symbol reassuring that security is in place. An SSL certificate is not only important for e-commerce websites, but also essential for service-based websites, such as small auto shops, schools, or a law office.

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