24-Mar Support Update

While we are all entering this full lockdown period, Yorb is a key supplier for many essential services and therefore we remain open and available to support your business.
If you require advice, guidance or support, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Client Manager or our Client Support Team on 0800 600 606. 

What to expect in the next 4 weeks

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Red Team

To make everybody as safe as we can, Yorb has created an onsite support team – Red Team.

The Red team represent our mobile and onsite response team. During the shutdown period, Red Team will be supporting our essential services clients with any onsite requirements. This means you may see some unfamiliar faces onsite – be rest assured, they are well supported by your normal site engineers.

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The lights are on

Our entire team is now working remotely. All our standard communication channels remain in place along with our standard business hours. Projects will continue to be delivered and support requests will be serviced.

At Yorb, we are taking the opportunity to get through some of those tasks that have been on the back burner for a while. There are a few projects that the lockdown period will allow us to focus on. If you are taking the opportunity to do the same and need our help, please call.

If you need to escalate anything, please contact your Client Manager in the first instance.

Escalation details are on our website (



Our supply channels are still operating, and we still have access to parts and accessories. While some hardware is still scarce, overseas supply chains are starting to move and stock levels are starting to build. 

For orders that are fulfilled, where possible, we will be shipping directly to customers premises or homes.

If you need anything during this lockdown period, just email or contact your Client Manager directly.



If you are due a laptop, these will be shipped directly to your homes. In most instances, we will be remotely installing and configuring them. Your help will be required to unbox and plug in for us, and from there we will talk you through getting them connected to the internet. Once that is done, we will take over from there.



We have training sessions scheduled this Thursday and Friday, these are tailored to helping people use existing tools such as Microsoft Teams, enabling your business to function over the coming weeks. Please register for the training on our website @ ( and keep monitoring Covid-19 Page ( for additional training sessions we will be publishing.

Thank you for your patience

  • Our team is available for you and all standard contact points are open.
  • Urgent Essential Services requests will take priority
  • Connect with our Facebook page for updates
  • We are only a phone call away – call us on 0800 600 606
  • Stay safe.


The Yorb Team