22-Mar Pandemic Action Plan

Following the Government’s announcement Saturday afternoon, detailing the Covid-19 Alert levels and instruction, Yorb is now executing its Pandemic plan. 

Our efforts are a careful balance of supporting you through this ever-evolving situation, while remaining focused on keeping people safe and prioritising our resources to support your efforts to do the same.   

If you require advice, guidance or support, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Client Manager or Client Support Team on 0800 600 606.

Pandemic plan in action - What you can expect.



Alternative workplaces

Our teams have the capability to work from anywhere there is an Internet connection and do so on a regular basis. As of Monday, we will have a skeleton staff in the office, with the remainder of the team working from alternative workplaces. For many, this will mean working at home.

We have processes in place to check in with our staff to make sure they are in good health and have the support around them to help you with support requests and enquires.


Prioritisation of work

In the coming days, we are expecting a slightly higher call volume to our Support Centre as our clients try to navigate the alternative workplaces directive and what that means for them. We have allocated additional staff to answer phones and assist with your requests. To cater for the expected increase in call volumes, our processes are as follows:


Phone for Urgent assistance

As always, if your issue is urgent, phone us on 0800 600 606. Your call will be triaged and allocated to the appropriate resource for actioning. Clients providing essential services will be prioritised. You will be advised of expected resolution times.

If you need to escalate an issue, please contact your Client Manager in the first instance.

Until the government changes the current alert level, site visits for urgent work will still be undertaken, with additional precautions applied


Email for Non-Urgent assistance

If you require non-urgent assistance, email our Support Centre ( We have dedicated Support Centre team members monitoring emails coming in all day. We will prioritise each incoming support request and provide you with details on when to expect assistance.


Sales or Account enquiries

If you have an account or sales enquiry, use the normal channels of contact. or should be the first option for non-urgent requests. If urgent, contact your Client Manager.

Our Sales and Accounts teams are among many that will be working from alternative workplaces or assisting with the expected increase of call volumes. We will be prioritising requests the same as we are for support matters.


Covid-19 specific updates and information

It’s important to us that we keep you informed of what we are doing and providing you with sources of information to help your teams. We also recognise that there is a lot of information flowing and that you are likely to overwhelmed with information to consume.

For now, Yorb will use the following channels to disseminate key information:



messages will be communicated via our Facebook page (, Twitter ( and through email. Please make sure you join our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.


Information, Tips and Suggestions

will be available on our website ( We will be sharing how we are using the tools during this pandemic – some may be of use to you and your teams.


Free Training

This coming Thursday and Friday we are running free, 1-hour training sessions on various Teams and Office 365 topics. Make use of these so that your staff can utilise toolsets available to them. Register your interest here


Thank you for your patience

  • Yorb is focused on minimising the severity of the external impacts and implications Covid-19 has on all of us
  • Prioritisation of requests is now necessary. We will keep you informed
  • Connect with our Facebook page for updates
  • We are only a phone call away - call us on 0800 600 606


The Yorb Team