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Top 3 Cyber Threats we see

These cyber-threats are not new, but they are becoming more frequent. With so much of our business in the cloud, geographic boundaries are no longer a barrier for cybercriminals. We need to raise the cybersecurity conversation and not just with our users and IT support team, but with Executives and Boards. Like Health and Safety, Cybersecurity is a very real risk with the potential to affect the viability of your business and the livelihood of your staff.

Security is not something that can be achieved in isolation using larger locks (anti-virus and firewalls). Cyber Security needs a holistic companywide approach.

Top 3 cyber threats that we see most often

Phishing Attack

A form of identity theft where a hacker uses legitimate e-mail to trick users into giving out personal information. Frequent examples are credit card numbers or passwords.

Social Engineering

Social Engineering attacks use information about you or current events to enhance a hacker’s chance of success. Once they have established trust, they will request changes to bank account numbers or the payment of outstanding invoices to a different account.


Hackers will attempt to attempt to install software on your computer network that prevents users from accessing or using their data. They will then charge a ransom for recovery of said data.

To feel confident in today’s threat landscape, you need a multi-faceted approach that includes a security framework, staff training, data protection and more. If you’d like to learn more about how to secure your business, contact Yorb.