How to Avoid SPAM

SPAM is more than just a nuisance, it can affect your productivity and introduce security risks, enabling cybercriminals to steal information, money or generally wreak havoc on your network. But can you stop SPAM altogether? The chances are small, and you’ll likely never achieve a zero-Spam inbox, especially as a business owner. But there are ways to drastically reduce the burden.

Tips to help stop Spam from infiltrating your businesses email.

  • Spam Filters. A SPAM filter will automatically spot SPAM or profanities and send it straight to your “Junk Inbox”. Filters are often layered in nature; the best defence encompasses multiple solutions.
  • Generic Salutations. Beware of impersonal greetings like “Dear Customer”.
  • Trust your instincts. If an email just doesn’t look right, don’t click the bait. Delete it.
  • Do NOT respond to a Spam email. When you respond to a message, you advise the spammers that they have a ‘live’ e-mail address and will continue to send your mail.
  • Remove email addresses from your website. Hackers will search through websites for company email address.
  • Requests for Sensitive Information. Hackers will send you replicated websites to try and trick you into giving up your login information or credit card details.
  • Beware of lookalike URL’s they are designed to trick you, such as or
  • ‘Verify your account’ email. Always check the URL and then question why you are being asked to verify an account.
  • Block Email Senders. Once you have identified a SPAM email, block the sender from contacting you again.

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