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Cyber Security is more than a firewall

New Zealand has embraced digital technologies faster than many other countries, we’ve raced to the Cloud, per capita we are one of the highest uses of Microsoft Office 365 and Google Suite. But our security has not adapted to this modern environment at the same rate as we have embraced it. The way we do business has changed, we moved online, started sharing our lives on Social Media, putting our critical business data in the Cloud and began working from our cars, homes, and hotels.

Just as cyberspace has no borders, neither does cybercrime. Cyber-attacks are on the rise and New Zealand businesses are a primary target. In 2017 New Zealanders lost over NZ$177 million to cybercrime.

Security is not something that can be achieved in isolation using larger locks (anti-virus and firewalls). Cybersecurity needs a holistic companywide approach.


Human error has become a major weak point; one that is easily exploited by cybercriminals.  It is vital that businesses have some form of cyber security training in place to educate their employees on the importance of protecting sensitive information and what malicious threats to look out for.


Are your internal business processes secure, how do you verify a supplier request to change their bank account details? If you do not have robust processes to verify and authorise requests they can be easily exploited. Ensuring you have processes that are detailed, known and understood by all stakeholders is critical.  


No tool by itself can effectively secure your data. Manage your people and technology with multiple layers of protection such as firewalls, anti-virus protection, and mobile device management. 

At Yorb we take security seriously within our own business as well as our clients. To feel confident in today’s threat landscape, you need a multi-faceted approach that also includes a security framework, staff training, data protection and more. Only by increasing security awareness across the entire business can we adequately address the risks. Contact us to learn more