ComputerCare Rebrands to Yorb

After 28 years, ComputerCare, a leading IT provider for regional businesses within New Zealand, has rebranded to Yorb.

“We have simply outgrown the original brand” said Managing Director Wayne Masters. “People on hearing the name ComputerCare assume we are a computer service company when in fact that is only a very small part of what we now do for our clients”.

The rebrand reflects both the evolution of the business as well as the vision for the future.

Since opening in 1990, ComputerCare has grown from one office to four throughout the North Island. It has transformed from computer sales and service to a multi-faceted operation best suited to the technology demands of a modern business. “We take pride in our people and are continually investing in them to ensure our range of services meet the expectations of our clients. For us, we aren’t the hero of our story, our clients are”

Yorb aims to help businesses see technology as an enabler to solve problems such as Modern Workplace, Cloud, Productivity, Security, Business Intelligence, Digital Infrastructure, Digital Marketing and Business Continuity.

The Yorb logo brings in a new clean modern visual identity, characterising the business as innovative, personable, helpful and upbeat.

“We wanted to take the opportunity to take our business and focus more on the client, and the conversation to become about them, their pain points, where they are going and how we could work with them to improve their business” says Wayne.

Yorb’s emphasis on providing unique technology solutions is reflected in the business’s new tagline, “Business defined technology”.

“Relationships are really important to us, and generally caring about clients and their business. When we decided to rebrand, it was important that we retained the care aspect and really wanted to bring that through in our brand and messaging.”

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