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Computer security day

Today is Computer Security Day. The unofficial holiday that has been encouraging people to secure their computers and their personal information since 1988.

These days, electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers make up an important component of our everyday lives. While communication has become easier and more efficient than ever before, these technologies have brought with them new concerns about privacy and security.

As Christmas is fast approaching, cyber grinches are ramping up their efforts to steal your personal information. But don’t let yourself be a victim. We’ve compiled a list of four tips that will help keep you safe during your online shopping activities.

Check your Anti-Virus software is activated
Before you begin shopping online, double-check that your anti-virus software is running in the background. Software’s that includes anti-phishing and firewall protection will help to minimise the risk of cyber crooks stealing your sensitive information.

Avoid using weak passwords
Passwords secure all your sensitive information including email and online accounts. Having strong passwords play an essential role in protecting yourself.

Avoid using obvious passwords such as ‘YourName123’ or date of births. Aim for longer passphrases such as ‘The cow jumped over the moon’. And never write your password down on paper and never share your password with anyone.

Don’t shop using free public Wi-Fi hotspots
You might find a hard-to-get item online and be tempted to purchase it right away. However, if your browsing through a public Wi-Fi hotspot, chances are your personal data could get intercepted by a hacker.

These public wireless networks are often unsecured and prime targets for hackers. Instead, wait until you get home or in an area with a secure internet connection.

Do not disclose your travel plans on social media.
You may feel tempted to express your excitement through social media about your travel plans for the summer. But you might want to reconsider. You never know who might see your posts and use that information to plan a break-in at your place while you’re away.