6 Benefits of an MDM solution

Portable digital devices have unlocked the whole new ways of working. They’ve also created a whole lot of work – on average, IT personnel now spend 14% of their time managing devices.

To reduce this workload and allow you to focus on business-led initiatives, there is a trend towards using virtual IT managers to take care of device management.

To meet this demand, IT service providers have stepped up to offer this service to help businesses manage their devices and free up their time.

Just like many software companies are now offering their products as subscription services – a practice known as Software as a Service (SaaS) – so too are device makers such as HP with its Intel-powered Elitebook range.

Mobile device management has emerged as a valid option for businesses looking for a more efficient way of managing the array of devices used by staff.

So, what does a remote device monitoring and management contract include? Here are six services included in many mobile device management agreements.

Device tracking

Where are your devices and what is their status? That’s an important question for all businesses to answer. Remote devices pose an inherent security threat to your IT system that needs to be managed, and that starts with keeping track of the location of those devices at all times.

Lost device wiping

Sometimes, your devices will be lost or misplaced, and although device managers will keep track of your devices, they can still fall into the wrong hands. If the device can’t be retrieved, the security risk can be managed by remotely wiping and disabling the device.

Anti-virus software maintenance

IT system security is an ongoing battle against malicious actors – it will never end. That explains the regular updates that are required to maintain an anti-virus system. These updates can become a chore but are essential to safeguard your business. Mobile device managers can take care of the process for you.

Software updates

Today software updates come at on an almost daily basis. Mobile device managers will stay abreast of these updates and then schedule a time for them to take place so they do not reduce disturb you and your team, all the while ensuring they always have the up-to-date technology at their fingertips.

Insightful analytics provision 

Digital devices generate an array of data that can be used to diagnose a range of issues. But with data, half the problem is finding the right data and knowing how to analyse it. Mobile device managers can provide actionable analytics that allows your business to make proactive decisions that will improve productivity.

Security strategies

The more devices your business has, the more potential entry points there are for hackers. Device managers can provide the strategy your business needs to manage the risk of multiple devices being used across a range of locations.

Mobile device management provides an effective solution for businesses looking to streamline their device management. Your team will always have the right device with the right software that is well managed and secure.

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