2020 - we are halfway to the finish line, and still running strong

Can you believe we are in August already, and the countdown to Christmas has already started! But before we get there, we have the end of the Covid-19 wage subsidy, the New Zealand general election, and the US election to come. All of these things have a potential impact on an already dynamic year.

Despite the challenges that Covid-19 has brought, we’ve already had a year packed with strategic projects intended to improve the level of service we offer our clients. Here are some of the developments we are currently working on:


Service Management System:
Earlier this year, we went live with a new Service Management System. We are still working through some of the finer points of this upgrade, but the results will promise major improvements to our service levels.


Client Portal:
Alongside the new Service Management System, we are launching a new Client Portal. This is currently being rolled out progressively to our clients.


Phone System:
Right before the Covid-19 lockdown, we went live with a new Microsoft Teams based phone system. Although our launch was completed under pressure, it enabled us to continue to deliver full service, no matter where our staff members were stationed. Read all about Microsoft Teams Voice later in this newsletter.


Improving Our Ticketing Services:
Your feedback means a lot to us, and we continue to find ways to improve our service. So, we have recently invested in SmileBack - a client survey system that allows us to receive feedback on our ticketing service. Make sure to keep a lookout for the "smiley face" rating in the email confirming the completion of each job.


System Monitoring & User Support Tools:
The tools we use to monitor your systems and offer support are changing. Before November, we will be live with a new toolset, that can not only monitor your on-premises equipment but will also allow us to integrate further into your Cloud-based systems. New alerting and auto-healing functions will help us ensure your users stay productive, while we proactively deal with issues behind the scenes.


Refocused Software Development Team:
We have recently gone live with our new website development framework. Our new websites can be developed faster, with a richer feature set than ever. This improved efficiency has also allowed our team more time to focus on improving client productivity, by integrating and automating their existing systems.


Client Reporting:
With better systems, comes better data. We are currently developing new Client Reports, these will offer more detail regarding the health of your systems.

Although these changes are keeping us all busy, we are confident that the investment is worth it and will result in us being able to offer you greater value and support.
- The Yorb Team


Deliver a Modern Workplace with Microsoft Teams Voice Integration

Case Study

When New Zealand went into lockdown, many businesses discovered that their phone systems were the weakest link in transitioning from work to home-based employment. While many businesses invested in the right tools enabling staff to work anywhere, anytime, on any device, the phone system remained firmly stuck to an office desk. Read our latest Case Study, where we share the challenges we faced, and how we were able to overcome them over the lockdown.

During the lockdown, maintaining our contact with clients was essential for our business, and having a flexible phone system, made available to us in Microsoft Teams, accommodated our need to stay connected when physical contact was limited.

We continue to see the benefits of integrating Microsoft Teams Voice, and with further enhancements coming over the next few months, we are excited about its future.



What is SSL and why it matters for your business?

Blog Article

At Yorb, one of our highest priorities is to keep businesses and individuals safe from cybercriminals. The impact of Covid-19 raised the cybercrime rate across the globe, businesses were forced to operate from home and criminals looked for ways to exploit new work environments.

As website and e-commerce usage increased, so too did the incidence of online fraud and data theft, with a 189% year on year increase as of 15 April 2020. Ensuring your website is kept up to date and protected, will help build trust, and protect your clients from that latest internet threats.

Read our guide on SSL certificates to gain insights on why they are important for all websites (and not just for banks and Facebook). Ensuring your website is secured will:

  • Ensure visitors can have confidence you are a business they can trust
  • Improve your Google search rankings
  • Prevent sensitive data such as online payments or personal information being leaked and more.

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Client Spotlight | THINK Hauora

Digital Marketing

Having a strong online presence is one of the key components to creating value for your business, on a digital platform. We have recently seen an increased interest in business web development, as more and more clients, post-Covid, are understanding the importance of having the right tools in place. Here is one of our clients – THINK Hauora, who recently had a refreshing redesign of their website done with Yorb. Their old system came with restrictions on customising their web content and limited their ability to add new content to the website. Now they’re able to easily make any changes they need, to keep the website up to date. Feel free to check out their brand-new website!


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