Selwyn Hero Image

Selwyn Joins Yorb

Selwyn has spent over 25 years helping people work with technology to get their job done. The technology moves rapidly and the users rely on us to help them through that path of continual change.

Who are you, and what is your role at Yorb?

Selwyn West, Senior Sales & Technical Coordinator, Bay of Plenty

What made you want to work with us?

I met James Waldron at HPE Sales Academy in Queenstown and he spoke so positively about this amazing company he worked for that was innovative and actually cared about its staff and clients. I decided if ever an opportunity arose to become part of this company I would take that step!

What are you most excited about to achieve here?

I am excited about helping to build the Yorb brand in the Bay of Plenty, from an unknown entity into the business defined technology brand of choice!

What was your journey like that led you to where you are now?

I studied Electronics and Computer Technology and started working in a bank supporting a mainframe and ‘dumb’ terminals. That led to working for the company that built the mainframe, then to the UK working for Tom Walkinshaw Racing, doing IT support for Formula1 and a road car project. Came home and worked for an electricity company before moving to Atlanta USA where I worked for a finance company. Returned home to work in local government, IT management in education, some project management, and a sales role. Although I have worked across multiple industry sectors the focus has always been on IT and seeing it evolve from hardware based to everything-as-a-service.

What themed party would you throw for the office?

Since I am keen on all things motorsport related, it would have to be go-karting, racing simulators, or Xbox racing games with the challenge of getting to the top of the leader board!

What are the small things that make your day better?

Having things go to plan, achieving personal goals and making improvements for next time making my day better. A daily dose of coffee always helps! Seeing my kids grow and learn, and problem solve creatively, gives me hope for the future.

If you could have 1 superpower, what would it be?

Jedi Mind Control. You will repeat after me: “I didn’t notice the network was offline or the server was rebooting.”