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Adam Joins Yorb

Who are you, and what is your role at Yorb?

Adam, Systems Engineer.

What made you want to work with us?

For the past 3 years, my partner and I have been traveling between Wellington and Wanganui to allow us to build our careers while enjoying the lifestyle that the region has to offer. After sitting in Wellington traffic for one to many afternoons I decided to start checking out what regional providers are in the area that worked with cloud platforms. It didn’t take very long to discover that Yorb was the biggest player in the region and was selling O365 / Azure so I applied for the systems engineer role when it came up.

What are you most excited about to achieve here?

My previous role was with a company that was one of the bigger Microsoft partners in NZ and was often working with emerging technologies and services that Microsoft are rolling out. I’m excited to bring my experience onboard and see what impact I can have on supporting & transitioning Yorb’s service offerings especially those centered around the modern workplace within O365 & Azure.

What was your journey like that led you to where you are now?

Like most IT graduates I had to move to the big smoke to find quality IT gigs to kick-off my career, so I packed my bags and hightailed it to Wellington. After a couple of years of living the big smoke, I met my better half Aimee who was in Wellington for a yearlong placement for the final year of her Physio degree. Once that year was up Aimee was offered a job in Bulls (I know, a weird place for a physio right!) so that was the start of the travel that inevitably led me here.

What themed party would you throw for the office?

I’m honestly not a big fan of themed parties but if I had to pick something it would be Childhood Hero’s. It would be interesting to see who people have idolized or been inspired by as a child and to hear if that has had an impact on where they are today.

If you could have 1 superpower, what would it be?

Time travel – Who wouldn’t want to head back in time to check out what things were really like and find out about those historical head scratchers